Ecofinder Kenya partners with University of Nairobi for Climate Change Research

Kakola Village of Lower Nyando River
Kakola Village of Lower Nyando River

Ecofinder Kenya how to use information the social media has partnered with Prof Nicholas Oguge of Centre for Advanced Studies in Environmental Law and Policy (CASELAP), University of Nairobi to undertake research on “Adaptation to Climate Change through Disaster Risk Reduction in Nyando Basin, Kenya“.  Leonard O. Akwany, who is the research field coordinator, stated that the partnership is imperative for it provides a platform for the University to apply its expertise in working with a grass-root organization thereby gathering demand-driven information on climate change and ensuring follow-up on results through the local Organization, Ecofinder Kenya.  The participatory research will involve three villages along Nyando River; Kakola, Wangowe and Muhoroni Villages.

The specific objectives of the research include:

  1. To map the institutional and legal framework, policies and mechanisms already in place for reducing disaster risks and dealing with climate change adaptation in Nyando Basin.
  2. To determine the available information and community awareness on hazards exposure, vulnerabilities and risks to climate and disasters.
  3. To undertake community awareness and education as appropriate.
  4. To develop a policy paper that addresses both climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction for Nyando Basin.

The anticipated outcomes are:

  1. Disaster risk reduction mainstreamed as a priority in local development agenda
  2. Procedures for identifying, assessing, monitoring disaster risks and enhancing early warning developed
  3. Procedures for using knowledge, innovation and education to build a culture of safety and resilience developed


Dunga Wetland Pedagogical Centre

Ecofinder Kenya ( in collaboration our lovely essay proofreading service will make your essay perfect with Dunga Beach Management Unit (BMU), Dunga Ecotourism and Environmental Youth Group (DECTA), Lake Victoria Wetland Forum (LVWEF), Lake Victoria Tour Guides Association (LVTOGA) and Lake Victoria Birders Organization(LVBO) has established Dunga Wetland Pedagogical Centre at Dunga Beach, Kisumu, Kenya. Dunga Beach and by extension Dunga Wetland is known for its unique eco-cultural attractions due to its biodiversity and cultural rich and diverse papyrus wetland ecosystem and local community respectively. Moreover, Dunga beach is classified as sample Beach by fisheries department for it epitomizes holistic fish landing beach operations for visitors interested in learning or observing characteristic fish landing beach operations.
The Dunga Wetland Pedagogical Centre initiative is a grass-root led intervention whose overarching cardinal goal is empowerment of Dunga Wetland Community through training and capacity building for the conservation of degraded Dunga Wetland and improvement of livelihood security of its people. Therefore, the centre will promote the following thematic interventions:
a) Promotion of Eco-Cultural Tourism.
b) Facilitation of Dunga Papyrus Wetland Ecosystem Conservation.
c) Enabling uptake of Green Energy and other appropriate Technologies.
d) Enabling grass-root Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation.
e) Enabling of Dunga Beach Digital Village for E-Services and Training.
f) Promotion of Healthy Dunga Wetland Community.
g) Promotion of Water and Sanitation Accessibility.
h) Promotion of Local Peace, Leadership and Good Governance.
The aforementioned is under the overall theme of “environmental entrepreneurship for sustainable communities”.