Community Mobilization for Wetland Protection and Conservation

When there is a natural resource in a commmunity, the members of that community tend to own it, and think of it as their own, as is the case with Dunga, Kusa, Koguta and the Yala swamp. Owning something, or rather presuming to own something, dictates that you have to look after it and ensure […]

Enhancement of Stakeholder Participation

Wetlands are a common resource and this translates to them having a number of stakeholders. For any changes intended on the wetlands to be made successfully and sustainable, it is paramount to advocate for support from the key stakeholders. They may also prove useful in giving in kind support during the implementation of the outlined […]

Wetland Restoration and Protection

The wetland ecosystem has been destructed due to the communities’ over exploitation of them for their resources. This has had a tremendous effect on the floral and faunal diversity of the wetlands of the Winam Gulf  of Lake Victoria. For the communities to get to the point where they will be harvesting sustainably without leaving […]

Facilitation of Alternative Livelihoods

From interaction with the communities and a little bit of citizen science, we have seen that there is over dependence of the wetland resources by the communities living in proximity to the wetland areas. This has majorly been brought about by over population and high poverty rates that leave the locals thinking that the only […]

Participatory Wetlands Assessment

The communities living in proximity to these wetlands depend on wetland resources to enable them sustain their day to day lives, and cater for their family provisions. This fact has seen these wetlands become over exploited on numerous occasions since the community members are both ignorant of the value of conservation and wise use, they […]

Lake Victoria Winam Gulf Wetlands Sustainability Project

Enabling Rural Riparian Communities to Conserve and Benefit from Wetlands in the Winam Gulf, Lake Victoria, Kenya Poverty and population growth are two attributes that have been seen to cause pressure to the society as a whole. In communities living in proximity to wetland areas these have brought about the over dependence of people on […]

Dunga Beach Ecology School Initiative

The Initiative make your writings shine fast is a joint collaboration of Ecofinder Kenya and Dunga Eco tourism and Environmental Youth Group (DECTA) and aims at promoting active outdoor environmental education to young people in schools in a more entertaining and inspiring way. Vision To be leaders in providing excellent outdoor ecology education to young […]

Green Energy for Sustainable Communities

Ecofinder Kenya in collaboration with its partners paper glitter Small Solutions-Germany and Paradigm Kenya are reaching out to the rural and Peri -urban areas of East Africa to provide affordable access to clean and safe energy for cooking, lighting and mobile charging. Ecofinder Kenya reaches out to the wetland and island villages along Lake Victoria […]

Water, Sanitation and Food Project

Lake Victoria wetland and island communities union sample face food insecurity and poor accessibility to water and sanitation services. This intervention aims to enable food security and accessibility to water and sanitation to poorest of the poor. The Project Goal To promote conservation of Lake Victoria papyrus wetlands and islands  through sustainable accessibility to food, […]