A Shinning Moment

“Ecofinder Kenya’s Nature Based Solutions Receive Wide Recognition by The Equator Initiative” 

At Ecofinder Kenya, we are, or rather have been on a mission to empower and work with grass-root communities, government and private sectors and the civil society, through a conglomerate of different Nature Based Actions to see to local Sustainable Development. Our efforts have bore good fruits over the years and this sense of success was picked up by the Equator initiative, in a bid to share our feasible nature based solution on their online platform for learning purposes across the globe.

The Equator Initiative is a learning instrument, which collates these actions which they term Nature Based Solutions for Local Sustainable Development and shares them on their portal so as to recognize the success of local and indigenous initiatives, create opportunities and platforms to share knowledge and good practice and develop the capacity of local and indigenous initiatives to scale up their impacts

Our shared Nature Based Solutions are:

  • Community Adaptation Action Planning for Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience
  • Community Monitoring and Enforcement for Wetlands Protection and Restoration
  • Conservation Scheme Agreements for Incentive Based Conservation.

The Ecofinder Kenya team has worked tirelessly to actualize for the benefit of grass root communities and the natural environment. We are not only proud of the recognition of the success of our solutions but we are also humbled that other local and indigenous initiatives worldwide will get the chance to learn from our nature based actions and together we can contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Follow this link: http://www.equatorinitiative.org/knowledge-center/nature-based-solutions-database/ and get the details on each solution and how they contribute to local sustainable development including their scalability and replicability measures.

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