The Save Lake Victoria Campaign Launch

The Messiah complex, well, at some point in our lives, we all experience this. As this is a common phenomenon in many people who consider themselves good and helpful people, we at Kenya Lake Victoria Waterkeeper have taken up the responsibility on instilling this in the minds and hearts of the Lake Victoria Community.

This is a community which is consistent of a very wide and diverse group of people all either depending on and/or working in and for the Lake. To make this happen, we initiated an interschool essay competition to see what the youngsters in this community have to say about the problems they see and encounter on a daily basis and their perception on what should be done to curb these issues. We were hopping to get new and fresh ideas that will work a long way towards making the much needed change and to our surprise, the pupils were able to deliver much more than we expected of them as they came up with refreshing and feasible ideas.

These ideas were used as messages in the design of the campaign posters which were unleashed during the official Launch of the campaign and as a result, we ended up reeling in more advocates for Lake Victoria and instilling the savior complex phenomenon into them, for the sake of Lake Victoria. They were all branded with the I Waterkeeper badge, #IAmWaterkeeper, and we look forward to working towards transforming our campaign messages into actions, practices and lastly norms in the Lake Victoria Community. Eventually, we will achieve our set goals as Change Makers.

Keep it here as we discuss in detail each message on the posters in the subsequent posts.

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