Wetlands for Disaster Risk Reduction

The Wonder Kids of Joel Omino Primary Schools 

WWDJust a couple of days ago, we marked the day for the wetlands of the world. As we all know, wetlands are some of the most productive ecosystems on the planet and aside from the ecosystem goods they provide, they are also paramount in disaster risk reduction.


It is said that if you teach a son, then you will have taught the entire community. Well at Ecofinder Kenya, we decided to bank on that and teach the little ones in Dunga Wetland Community, the importance of wetlands in Disaster risk reduction. So we went to Joel Omino Primary School in Kisumu and had a session with members of the environmental club who proved to be very conversant with the subject and great lovers of their environment.

20170202_161428Dunga Wetland is a beautiful wetland with a charismatic biological life and we were eager to share this with the pupils. To our surprise they were well aware and had gone ahead and prepared poems and speeches about this and much more, which was to be shared with the other pupils in the school, a population of over one thousand, and in various social media sites, with the aim of improving the knowledge of our next generation and equip them well in the fight against wetlands destruction.


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