Village Hubs for Wetland Conservation Agriculture

Over dependence on wetland resources as we have seen, is the root cause of wetlands destruction and the degradation of these resources. Over and over again there have been efforts of creating awareness on the importance of wetlands and ways of conserving our wetlands. Truth be told, you cannot tell people to abandon a way of life, especially a source of livelihood for them and their families, without showing them that there is actually an alternative that works better.

One that will take care of their needs, their environment, IMG-20160725-WA0008provide them with sustainability for those resources they need from the wetlands in the long run and on top of it all, be a health conscious alternative. At Ecofinder Kenya, we have been able to demonstrate to members of the community the alternatives that they have to wood fuel, through providing them with green technologies, like biogas digesters and compost toilets which they can use to get organic manure that they can use in their farms and get even better yields, as opposed to farming in the wetlands, where aside from habitat destruction, they are also exposing their farms to being destroyed by the fauna in the wetlands.

IMG-20160725-WA0009Our model farmers act as village hubs and they are charged with teaching and demonstrating to visitors and the rest of the community members how biogas digesters work and explaining the importance and contribution of the technology to wetlands conservation.
The model farmers are therefore also wetland keepers, they promote Conservation agriculture and through that, they also advocate for wetlands conservation, curbing destruction of wetland wildlife habitats and avoiding human wildlife conflicts in wetland communities.

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