The Save Lake Victoria Campaign Launch

The Messiah complex, well, at some point in our lives, we all experience this. As this is a common phenomenon in many people who consider themselves good and helpful people, we at Kenya Lake Victoria Waterkeeper have taken up the responsibility on instilling this in the minds and hearts of the Lake Victoria Community. This […]

The Unheard Voices of the Young Waterkeepers

At Kenya Lake Victoria Waterkeeper, we strive to make Lake Victoria more Drinkable, Fishable and Swimmable. We are a community of water stewards and advocates for change for Lake Victoria. Looking back at our community and forward to our goals, we realized that we are missing some very important voices, which tend to be overlooked in […]

Kenya Lake Victoria Waterkeeper is here!

Kenya Lake Victoria Waterkeeper is alive and kicking. It is a member of global Waterkeeper Alliance and is working towards fishable, swimmable and drinkable Lake Victoria in Kenya. Lake Victoria is the  first and second largest freshwater lake by area in Africa and the World respectively. It is shared by Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The […]