The Save Lake Victoria Campaign Launch

The Messiah complex, well, at some point in our lives, we all experience this. As this is a common phenomenon in many people who consider themselves good and helpful people, we at Kenya Lake Victoria Waterkeeper have taken up the responsibility on instilling this in the minds and hearts of the Lake Victoria Community.

This is a community which is consistent of a very wide and diverse group of people all either depending on and/or working in and for the Lake. To make this happen, we initiated an interschool essay competition to see what the youngsters in this community have to say about the problems they see and encounter on a daily basis and their perception on what should be done to curb these issues. We were hopping to get new and fresh ideas that will work a long way towards making the much needed change and to our surprise, the pupils were able to deliver much more than we expected of them as they came up with refreshing and feasible ideas.

These ideas were used as messages in the design of the campaign posters which were unleashed during the official Launch of the campaign and as a result, we ended up reeling in more advocates for Lake Victoria and instilling the savior complex phenomenon into them, for the sake of Lake Victoria. They were all branded with the I Waterkeeper badge, #IAmWaterkeeper, and we look forward to working towards transforming our campaign messages into actions, practices and lastly norms in the Lake Victoria Community. Eventually, we will achieve our set goals as Change Makers.

Keep it here as we discuss in detail each message on the posters in the subsequent posts.

The Unheard Voices of the Young Waterkeepers

At Kenya Lake Victoria Waterkeeper, we strive to make Lake Victoria more Drinkable, Fishable and Swimmable. We are a community of water stewards and advocates for change for Lake Victoria. Looking back at our community and forward to our goals, we realized that we are missing some very important voices, which tend to be overlooked in many instances and which also have the potential to make the changes that we desire. 20170202_162638(0)

These are the voices of our next generations. To ensure a strong foundation for the work we are doing, it is paramount that we involve the little ones, who will be the ones practicing tomorrow.


18278736_1096895183748700_553424153405679302_oWe therefore set out to bring fourth pupils from different schools around Kisumu County and give them the opportunity to express their views on Saving Lake Victoria as we also teach them and give them the opportunity to be front runners in the fight for a better and cleaner Lake Victoria. We started by announcing a call for interested, passionate and enthusiastic pupils, to come up and submit written materials on why they think Lake Victoria is important enough to be saved. We were perturbed by the huge mass of applications we received and the very different and illuminating points of view that the little primary school pupils had. Лучшие игровые автоматы только в казино Вулкан Платинум, которое доступно по ссылке Обилие режимов не заставит вас заскучать. This led to a selection of the best pupils, who were then educated more and given a chance to express their thoughts more as we helped shape them into the stewards we want them to become. After the comprehensive learning sessions, it is now time for them to again put their voices down on paper and tell us what they thing we need to do to save Lake Victoria.

18216713_1096895070415378_1713379999147209277_oThis will lead into the launching of a campaign for Lake Victoria which will be based on the voices of these pupils and in the long run we are not only hoping to create change makers out of these little advocates, but that their speaking out on behalf of the Lake, will inspire our current generation and all the stakeholders are resource users of the Lake, to come together and do a better job in Making Lake Victoria More Drinkable, Fishable and Swimmable. We are bringing out the power within each and every one of these young advocates and manifesting it into a comprehensive collaborative communal power, which will work together and strengthen our actions to Save Lake Victoria.

Kenya Lake Victoria Waterkeeper is here!

Kenya Lake Victoria Waterkeeper is alive and kicking. It is a member of global Waterkeeper Alliance and is working towards fishable, swimmable and drinkable Lake Victoria in Kenya. Lake Victoria is the  first and second largest freshwater lake by area in Africa and the World respectively. It is shared by Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The lake is critical for biodiversity, economy and culture of Lake Victoria region of over 30 million population. This importance of the lake is threatened by pollution, invasive species, siltation, eutrophication and climate change. Thus need for local network of individuals, groups, institutions and companies to restore, conserve the lake for its sustainability. This is the gap Kenya Lake Victoria Waterkeeper is seizing to mobilize locals towards the lake’s sustainability. Join us! Contact or read about us through the following avenues:

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